I design and build user-centric, human friendly, intuitive websites that are clean and elegant.

Whether you're looking to create a one page informative website or a full scale e-commerce site, FM Web will outline a plan that fits your goals and needs. With over 12 years of experience in the IT desktop, web, and mobile application development and UX/UI space, I have encountered several use cases throughout my career. Technology changes - staying up to date with latest UX/UI trends in web and mobile is critical in order to create modern, bold, vibrant, and unique web design solutions.




My Passions

Family, Sports, Technology.

Boston, MA


As part of creating your website, the following services are used and offered depending on your end goal.


Wireframes are created to define functional layout, placement and location of items to help you visualize what your website will look like prior to development using an iterative process.


Full e-commerce implementation for selling goods and services. Implementation of payment gateways such as PayPal, Square, Amazon Checkout, Google Checkout, and more. 


Allow your customers to book and cancel appointments on your website. View and manage all past and future customer appointments.

Identity & Brand Strategy

We will understand your specific business and industry, then work with you to gather requirements, learn the process, and the overall vision.  Then target those areas by creating a website (using proper aesthetics and visuals) geared towards your brand and clientele.


Improve your website presence with Search Engine Optimization. Best practices are used for proper keyword entry and page creation to apply proper SEO for improved website visibility rankings. 


Photoshop is used to enhance all images on your site - or perhaps some images need to be altered. This is done to images that are provided or stock images. 

Security & Performance

All websites come equipped with security against hacks and spam and are monitored 24/7.  Performance effects SEO, therefore all pages are compressed, minified, and use intelligent caching (client and server side) for fast load times. 

List Builder Campaigns

Increase email signups with list builder campaigns using minimally intrusive and polite sign up forms throughout your site. Streamline gathered emails to email campaign services like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Support & Maintenance

All sites are supported and maintained as well as suggestions are offered when new trends in web design and user experience are available. In the unlikely event of an attack, we will address and remedy the issue.

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The Process

During the Process we work closely to make sure expectations are being met.  We know ideas may change or new ideas may arise - we welcome them and will work with you to adjust and implement.

Also known as the discovery phase, this is when we gather information/requirements and learn about you and your business. We get answers to the following questions: What is the purpose/goal of the site (informative, selling a product or service)? Who is the target audience? What kind of content will a visitor expect to see? What is the competition doing?
Concept & Design
The details of your website are planned - navigation, pages, content, images, forms, etc. Understanding the website goals and target audience, we now can determine the design direction and a concept is created with a wireframe. The wireframe is used to demonstrate placement and location of items and content to help you visualize what your website will look like.
Develop & Optimize
Creating your website begins. Development is done in a development region, where progress can be seen at any time. The website is tested throughout development and optimized for performance and SEO. Final edits and approval is given by the client before going live.
Your website goes live! Security and monitoring is applied on the live site to prevent attacks. Maintenance of your website continues depending on your plan.

Design for All Devices


All Website are created using Responsive Design

Hint: Resize your current browser to see for yourself.

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